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The new product and new technology appraisal meeting was held in Shangsha Huaying International Hotel and was a complete success

Company News
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2018-09-13 10:14

On September 8, 2018, Dongguan Nanyue Mould Die Casting Co., Ltd. held a new product and new technology appraisal meeting in Changsha Shangsha Huasheng International Hotel, and invited many industry experts to carry out new products and processes under the company's new standardization technology. Identification and guidance.


The success of the new product and new technology appraisal will be affirmation of Nanyue Company, and it is also a new starting point. Nanyue Company will make persistent efforts to make progress and innovation.


Nanyue Company would like to thank all the expert committee members, guests, media and colleagues for their support and participation. May you be healthy, business is booming and happy!