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Nanyue, general manager of Dongguan Nanyue Mould Die Casting Co., Ltd. was selected as "Win in China" and received many med

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2018-09-13 10:11
1.GeneralManagerDengNanyuewasselectedas"WininChina" CongratulationstoDengNanyue,GeneralManagerofDongguanNanyueMouldDieCastingCo.,Ltd.,forwinninginChina! Thearticlepublishedin"WininChina"isasfollows: S

1. General Manager Deng Nanyue was selected as "Win in China"


Congratulations to Deng Nanyue, General Manager of Dongguan Nanyue Mould Die Casting Co., Ltd., for winning in China!


The article published in "Win in China" is as follows:


Small wheels "turned" into a big cause - Interview with Deng Nanyue, general manager of Dongguan Nanyue Mould Die Casting Co., Ltd.


"Good wheels, made in the South Moon", has already sung in the north and south of the country. The wheels manufactured by Nanyue Company have spread all over the world and won high praise in the industry. Deng Nanyue, general manager of Dongguan Nanyue Mould Die Casting Co., Ltd., is currently the executive vice president of Hunan Hengnan Chamber of Commerce in Dongguan. He graduated from Tsinghua University with a major in international business administration and later obtained a master's degree in brand building and management from Victoria University. From 1989 to Guangdong, and to the founding of Nanyue Company in 2007, Deng Nanyue, who has a business talent, finally has a career stage. Founded by Deng Nanyue, Dongguan Nanyue Mould Die Casting Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of professional aluminum wheels. As the largest and most powerful die-casting aluminum wheel manufacturer in China, the cable equipment accessories supermarket around you, the national patent product! We provide aluminum wheels with complete specifications and various types of storage reels, guide wheels, meter wheels, take-up wheels, fiber guide wheels, and painter guide wheels to the whole country and the world. As a senior wheel expert, in the eyes of Deng Nanyue, the wheel is his eternal career, he wants to present the unique wheel to the world.


Wheels are common in people's lives, but how many people care about the wheels around them. Don't underestimate the small things in your life, sometimes it is the inadvertent life that makes a big business. Deng Nanyue is a veritable wheel expert. He has become a senior executive since he started his own business and established Dongguan Nanyue Mould Die Casting Co., Ltd.. His life experience is quite legendary. Today, let the author take you closer to the legendary "wheel expert."


Not afraid of hardships


Deng Nanyue was born in Hengyang, Hunan Province in 1965. He went to Guangzhou at the age of 24. Two years later, he entered Tongda Plastics to work, and in the past six years he has been an executive from a small employee. During this period, he broadened his horizons and changed his mind. He mastered a technique and trained himself to be a good man. At that time, the mold market was very good. Deng Nanyue chose to learn to make molds after thinking.


In 2002, he and his friends partnered to open a mold processing shop. They wanted to make big money because of their lack of experience, limited resources, business sluggishness, and the store did not open for a long time.


Although the experience failed, but failed to dispel Deng Nanyue's determination to start a business, after several years of struggle, Deng Nanyue found that there were not many domestic aluminum wheel manufacturers at that time. He recognized that this was a huge business opportunity, so he established the Nanyue Company.


From business registration to formalities, from company location to equipment installation and commissioning, from employee recruitment to start-up and production, almost all of them are handled by him. "It doesn't feel hard to think about it now, because young, full of the passion of the officer, full of energy." Deng Nanyue recalled that the past bitterness always put a smile.


Heavenly rewards. The company's reputation has started very quickly, and its product sales have increased significantly year after year. When he was young, he showed his ability to do business. He finally had a stage to try his hand. After years of development, Nanyue Company has now formed a medium-sized enterprise with an area of ​​3,800 square meters, more than 100 employees, and an annual output of more than 1,000 tons of zinc and aluminum alloy die-casting products.


Nanyue Company is a professional manufacturer integrating precision die-casting mold design and manufacturing, professional design, production, processing and sales of cable machinery equipment parts and zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting products. With the changes in the market situation, the company has gradually grown into a self-owned brand innovative enterprise focusing on the design, production and sales of professional aluminum wheels. The company has set up its own R&D team, and every year, new designs are launched from time to time. We provide aluminum wheels with complete scale and various types of storage reels, guide wheels, meter wheels, pick-up wheels, fiber guide wheels, and painter guide wheels to the whole country and the world. The company is now the vice president unit of Guangdong Wire and Cable Industry Association, the vice president unit of Greater China Wire and Cable Association, the executive vice president unit of Hunan Hengnan Chamber of Commerce, and the member of Hardware Mould Association. Companies adhering to the "people-oriented, quality win, quality first, service-oriented" cultural philosophy and high-quality service purposes, dedication to provide customers with the highest quality products and services.


Subverting innovation, achieving pioneer


China's manufacturing industry presents a development track from imitative innovation to independent innovation, from low-level innovation to high-end innovation. At present, domestic and foreign manufacturing, network and intelligence have become an important trend of technological change, and innovation breakthrough has increasingly become the direction of advanced manufacturing development. The success of Nanyue Company and innovation have played an extremely important role.


As the founder of Nanyue Company, Deng Nanyue has led the core technical team to conduct market research through various exhibitions since 2013, using its original die-casting advantages and design, developing high-precision molds, using precision die-casting to produce various The aluminum wheel has subverted the traditional aluminum rod processing and sanding process in the cable industry, filling the gap in the industry.


The traditional aluminum wheels are directly milled and milled with aluminum rods or a simple wheel body blank is firstly produced by a low-pressure casting process, and then machined and milled. Turning and milling processing is time-consuming and laborious. Low-pressure casting products have rough appearance, unsightly appearance, loose structure, large pores, easy wear and tear, and are prone to breakage and other defects. After careful consideration, Deng Nanyue believes that the aluminum wheel industry wants to have good development, and it is imperative to introduce or develop new technologies and technologies.


Now the casting technology and equipment mastered by “Nanyue Company” can save 30%-60% of aluminum in the process of casting, and can increase the wheel strength by more than 10%. After the South Moon wheel energy conservation, emission reduction, innovation, transformation and upgrading, it directly saves consumers 50% of the cost and contributes to the national energy conservation. After the company adopts new casting technology, it saves aluminum and directly reduces costs. Nanyue Wheel has become a standard part of the industry project.


With a good product, the next step is to promote the application. There is always some doubt about everyone dealing with new things. In the face of all kinds of suspicions, Deng Nanyue always smiles slightly. He believes that a hard product is the best answer.


Since 2013, he has led the team to participate in various exhibitions in the wire and cable industry. When encountering a large manufacturer consultation, he will give the product to the user for trial use, and then use it to give money. "Don't you be afraid that others will use it after you have used it?" Friends can't help but worry about him. "Don't worry, he will definitely come back again." The confident words have come true, the quality of the product has become the best salesman, and he has brought a batch of repeat customers.


At the Guangzhou exhibition in 2014, a customer was greatly appreciated after carefully understanding their products, bluntly saying that their products can save a lot of time for their company production. It turned out that they were in the production of broken wheels, can only find a machinery factory, the machinery factory to find a wheel production plant, buy a wheel can not spend much money, but waiting for replacement repairs but it takes a lot of time, seriously affecting the production schedule. The customer invited Deng Nanyue to their company to help optimize the production process. It was this incident that made Deng Nanyue more convinced and laid the foundation for the establishment of the Nanyue supermarket.


The seeds of good faith bear fruit


Entrepreneurship may rely on opportunities and courage. If you want to make a company last for a long time, you must make relevant decisions and plans so that you can go faster and more stable.


In order to improve decision-making and planning ability, he came to Tsinghua University EMBA to study business administration in 2010 through his friends. After graduation, he also studied brand building and management at the Victoria University Master Class in 2012. The key to the transformation and upgrading of the company lies in the construction of the talent team. For talents, in addition to the introduction of favorable conditions, it is a major feature of Nanyue Company to cultivate talents. Deng Nanyue's business philosophy for the company is: only talent, customer management. He taps the potential of people around him and attaches importance to employee education. Performance appraisal, choice of use, incentives and promotion, it is this series of measures that make Nanyue have a solid foundation for development and growth.


Integrity is also a great help to his career success. In 2006, Deng Nanyue and his friend opened a motorcycle mold factory. A customer called to say that the mold received had a problem and needed to be replaced. Deng Nanyue did not help the customer to make a new mold. After only ten days have passed, the customer also said that the mold is out of order and cannot be used. At this time, my friend advised Deng Nanyue not to make a new one. If he did it, he would lose money. This customer should not. "The problem with the mold is our responsibility. We must not be honest in doing business." In this way, he gave the customer a new mold until the customer's requirements were met. In return for the end, in 2007, when his entrepreneur lacked funds, when the customer learned that he needed aluminum ingots, he confiscated a penny and transferred him 30 tons of aluminum ingots. A phone call, no advance payment, more than 700,000 aluminum ingots arrived, solved his urgent needs. This is the good fruit that he planted in good faith.


Integrity is the key to the survival and development of enterprises. Deng Nanyue explained this truth to his employees with his own practical experience, and also made integrity become a golden sign of Nanyue Company.


Chinese wheels "roll" to the world


Years of wire and cable exhibitions have enabled Deng Nanyue not only to travel throughout the country, but also to visit many countries. After visiting the manufacturing powerhouse Germany, he was pleased to find that his own wheel craftsmanship was still unique. This achievement made him happy and let him start his next step.


With the advent of the global economy, more and more entrepreneurs have begun to attach importance to technological innovation and brand building. Deng Nanyue, who has studied brand strategy courses, has a deep understanding. Only when the brand is established, the company has enough visibility to gain more room for development.


Since the 18th National Congress, more and more enterprises have gone abroad to go to the world through innovation, transformation and upgrading. The introduction of the relevant policies of the 19th National Congress has greatly increased corporate confidence. Going to the world and building a good wheel for China has also become the pursuit of Deng Nanyue. "Being a boss is very simple. Making money is the goal. As long as the profit is all OK. It is different to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs must serve the people for the masses, glory for the country, contribute to the society and promote social development." Deng Nanyue's realm A change has taken place.


Over the past decade, Deng Nanyue has become a famous wheel expert in the industry. In his eyes, the wheel is not only a product, but also a culture. With the development of this domestic market, this culture has begun to sprout and develop in China. For the consumer, the wheel industry has fully met their individual needs. For producers, wheels are one of the most important parts in the industry.


For the future, Deng Nanyue has his own plan. In addition to constantly learning new knowledge, the listing of the New Third Board is his next goal for the company. After listing, he hopes to achieve three goals: first, to make the enterprise more mature and more standardized through listing; second, to gather talents for the company; third, to prepare for the bigger goal of Nanyue Supermarket.


The online Nanyue supermarket is his ultimate goal. In his planning, Nanyue Supermarket is an online shop that sells wire and cable industry accessories stores. With many mechanical factories under the line as manufacturers, manufacturers can directly purchase related accessories online, and the convenience service is truly in the industry. Promoted within. He is committed to let consumers at home and abroad know: good wheels, Nanyue, Nanyue supermarket - is the cable equipment accessories supermarket around you.


After the success of the business, he did not use his own unique products to raise prices, but it was a great convenience for the users of the industry at an affordable price. He made money by doing business, he did not forget the people in his hometown, repaired the old people's home, built roads, etc. He did not pull down for the welfare of the people.


Rich and not greedy, not fighting for money, not forgetting this, perhaps the best evaluation of Deng Nanyue. 


Entrepreneurs are not made in one day. It is not necessarily entrepreneurs who can make money. This kind of person, Deng Nanyue calls them "the boss." The difference between an entrepreneur and a boss lies in "taking the spirit."


Does Deng Nanyue think that he is an entrepreneur in his heart? We don't know. But we have seen that he is trying to "roll" his wheels to the world, with the aim of glory for the country; he is creating the "Southern Moon Supermarket", which aims to promote convenience services in the industry; he is rich and not greedy, not rising Forgetting this, making money from doing business, building roads for your hometown, building a nursing home...


Deng Nanyue’s behavior reveals the word “bearing”, which is how it looks like an entrepreneur’s work.


2. Media reports are here


In "Win in China", this article came out, and won the People's Network, Phoenix Network,,,, CCTV Securities Information, Wire and Cable Industry Network, Cable Business, Hengtong Pioneer, Asia Pacific Wire and Cable, Line. Reprinted reports on platforms such as cable homes.


Thanks to the recognition and support of the media, Dongguan Nanyue Mould Die Casting Co., Ltd. will continue to move forward,,,,,